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TecLine DIR harness set


Hard webbing classic DIR minimalist harness system


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The TECLINE DIR Harness is a continuous piece of 5 cm webbing that has a total of five D-rings: one bent D-ring at each shoulder, one on the left waist, one at the rear of the crotch strap, plus, the one at the front. The left shoulder has a bungee loop that can be tied to any user preferred size for use in retaining the BC inflation hose assembly. The combination of the left shoulder and waist D-rings are used for carrying stage and deco bottles. The SPG is also clipped to the waist D-ring. The crotch strap front D-ring is used when being towed by a DPV. The rear D-ring is used to carry additional equipment such as reels. The right shoulder D-ring is used to clip the head of the primary canister light, and also the primary long hose second stage regulator following gas switches. Backup lights are clipped to each of the shoulder D-rings and held in place by the elastic bands.

  • Nylon hard hardness webbing harness (continuous without SS grommet at center and tubular webbing sleeves)
  • Nylon soft hardness webbing crotch strap (sewn-in D-ring on front, rear bent D-ring and belt slide, and abrasion sleeve)
  • 2 bent shoulder D-rings
  • 3 normal D-rings
  • 7 serrated belt slides
  • 1 Stainless steel belt buckle
  • 1 crotch strap
  • 4 durable EPDM elastic bands

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Stainless steel 3mm, Stainless steel 6mm, Aluminum, Aluminum H shape


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