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I-st stage V1 ICE


EN250:2014, balanced diaphragm


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V1 ICE is the exclusive design of TECLINE.  Ideal for sports divers, SemiTec or Technical diving equipment configurations.

V1 ICE is a high performance balanced diaphragm design with environmentally sealed for cold water.
1st Stage features ports optimized to allow for ‘Technical diving’ configuration with single tank.

The V1 ICE first stage is featuring four low pressure 3/8-inch ports, and two high pressure 7/16-inch ports. The first stage features a v shape symmetric design and port alignments that support a huge variety of mounting orientations and hose routings.

It is a streamlined configuration where all the hoses descend down close to the body of the diver.

Technical divers appreciate the ability to dive a single tank in a familiar configuration and are good for training. Open Water Diver can enjoy this streamlined configuration.

With the addition of another Vi ICE one-stage regulator, the V1 ICE SemiTec I is easily converted to a SemiTec II (full tec) configuration for double tank diving

The V1 ICE is Nitrox Ready.

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