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Delivering both refined styling and maximized performance, this is the ideal twin-lens mask for skin diving and for scuba diving.

GULL Mask Color

  • MT Glass White
  • Rb Black
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Low Volume

Volume: 110cc Weight: 220g
Inheriting the shape of the Mantis mask, The Mantis LV excels at having low inner volume increasing its up-down, left-right field of view. A broader field of view provides overall increased visibility and comfort when diving.

UV420 CUT lens

The UV420 Cut lens is able to block harmful HEV (highenergy visible light in 400 to 420 nm spectrum) which causes oxidative stress and deterioration of lutein.* * People say that lutein acts like natural sunglasses. It is present as a pigment in the retina, the crucial part of the eye that receives light and lets you see. Here, helping to prevent cumulative macular degeneration, it blocks harmful light and has an anti-oxidant effect. Lutein is destroyed when it absorbs harmful light. Its presence in the retina is limited and, because the body cannot make lutein, it can only be replaced by eating lutein-rich food.



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GULL Mask Color

MT Glass White, Rb Black


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